A blog created for and dedicated to the inspiration and support of young girls and women of color. A place where we can be open, discuss and connect in positive ways.

Before I start, I want to give you guys the idea that pushed me to start the blog:

As I was doing a project for my Gender Studies class on Beauty, I was looking at one of my little sister’s older magazines. I noticed that in the 170 pages of ads, print and photos, there were only 10 images of women of color where you can identify their race. Two of those images were of black women, only 1 with natural hair. And 2 others were discernibly Latina women.


I decided I was tired of hearing about the lack of images catering to women of color in the media. The images we do see are either of non-identifiable women or women of color who are extra slim, with long straight hair. Hence, I became inspired to create a space specifically for us. A blog that features beautiful, diverse women of color who aren’t famous, half-naked or aspiring to be anything but successful.

I’m surrounded by positive women who give me so much drive and inspiration. I realized I can’t be selfish with them, I needed to share their stories so they can reach others. Hope you learn as much from them as I do!

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