the BE! Experience

BE! blog postHey Readers,

So I got an email from Ms. Tiffany Wright asking if I could shout out her business the BE! Experience. So I hopped on her website and absolutely loved what I found! As someone who’s on her own journey to wellness and health, I am very excited to learn about the BE! experience. Tiffany has created a business dedicated to empowerment and wellness! With a bachelor’s in sociology and psychology and a master’s in social work, Tiffany has become a dedicated wellness coach, helping people achieve their own goals and passions through mental, physical and spiritual health. The BE! Experience has several branches: The BE! Institute offers group classes on how to maintain positive thinking, a healthy self image and visualization power to reach our maximum potential.  Tiffany also offers coaching for Personal Wellness, Personal Life Enhancement and Community & Organization Enhancement.

For everyone in California, I suggest you get involved! For those who aren’t close by, check out her blog: Also follow her instagram page @the_be_life

I found Tiffany’s message truly inspiring and uplifting, I support anyone promoting positivity, self-awareness and wellness.

Feel free to email me if you’d like me to feature your business on my instagram page and the blog! 🙂