Why You Shouldn’t Want a Body Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Celebrities are arguably the most admired people in society. We love them for their talents, their personalities and most of all, their looks. For many of us, our favorite celebrity holds our standard of beauty. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Halle Berry; all of these women are prized for their beauty and ability to seemingly look flawless whenever they are seen in public. But what many of us fail to realize, is that many of the images that we see of our favorite celebrities have been tampered with, some more than others. Every image in a magazine, commercial or billboard has most likely been retouched or photo-shopped.

Here are some examples:

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen, the main character from the Hunger Games series. On the left is her photograph before retouching, the right is after. In the edited image, Lawrence’s whole body has been slimmed, her arms, face, neck, bust, waist and thighs have all been thinned out to achieve an almost emaciated appearance.

Kim Kardashian, praised for her fashion and her booty. This socialite has been

under constant scrutiny for her curves. Are they real? Has she gone under the knife? Regardless of whatever rumors there are, in the image to the right we see a clear retouching of Kim’s body. The left is the original image and the right is the edited version. Her thighs and butt have been slimmed and her face given extra contour. Kim’s body has been made curvier by the increased space between her arm and right side and we see the lower left side of her abdomen cropped.


Beyonce doesn’t need much of an introduction. Her die hard fans adore her not only for her dancing and singing talent, business skills and commanding presence on stage but her curves as well. However, the image to the left shows her before and after retouching. In the right, we notice how her bust has been lifted, arm toned, waist cropped and even her calf muscle made less defined.


Now, I’m not posting these pictures to pinpoint our favorite celebrities’ flaws or be critical. I’m posting these pictures to tell all of these girls striving to look like Beyonce, BEYONCE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE BEYONCE. No doubt all of these women are beautiful, but the images we see of their bodies are modified and therefore unrealistic to try to obtain! Jennifer Lawrence’s curves are beautiful on their own, why is she made to look nearly emaciated in her edited pictures? Why are Kim’s legs and abdomen thinned? To have a curvier body and be proportional, you are going to have thicker legs and wider hips. And who’s stomach doesn’t have folds when they bend over? Why did they get rid of Beyonce’s calves? Shouldn’t we be proud of our muscles? The media creates and manipulates the images of beauty we try so hard to meet.

There is nothing wrong with admiring celebrities for their talent or skills, that is what got them famous. But just like everyone else, famous people are human, they have flaws. Nothing and nobody are perfect. The high standards we hold ourselves to trying to reach the level of perfection that celebrities seem to have is exhausting, because they are computer generated, not real! So, instead of hanging a poster of your favorite celebrity as motivation when you work out, hang a mirror. Admire yourself and marvel at your own beauty and progress. It is much more gratifying than trying to recreate someone else’s body in your own.