Makeup by Char!


Age: 21charlene1

Occupation: Senior studying Family Science Leadership & Black Women Studies Minor

Hometown: Takoma Park, MD


1. When/Why did you start getting into makeup?

Make up has always been a passion for me, I just never knew how do it. So it started with me playing around in what I had, then actually teaching myself. This was when YouTube was just starting up and not as many youtubers were on there as today. I was just a junior in high school trying to learn as much as possible.


2. What’s your favorite thing about makeup?

My absolutely favorite thing about makeup is being able to play up natural features and enhance them. For me I love using Mascara, my current favorite is They’re Real by Benefits top with Illegal Lengths by Maybelline.


charlene23. What are your favorite products?

My favorite products at this current moment are my newly purchased lipsticks from MAC. I love Fixed on Drama from the Retro Matte Collection and Talk that Talk from the RiRi collection.They are the perfect fall colors and are easy to apply on the lips with or without a lip liner.


4. Why did you decide to start your freelance makeup business?

My love for makeup grew so much, that I knew I had to start to freelance. People kept asking me who did my make up and if I could do theirs. I decided to start the freelancing business when I started to get references from others to do weddings and shows. Thats really what encouraged me to do it big. I also love making YouTube videos on my own, I do it in my spare time. I have tips and tricks for hair styles and care as well as makeup.

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