February is for Food Lovers <3

February is considered the month of love. Everywhere you turn are commercials and articles giving relationship

advice, compatibility quizzes and coupons for edible arrangements. But I’ve decided to take at a look at a different type of passion for this month. FYM Project will showcase Food Lovers for February. Foodies, connoisseurs, chefs, etc. This month celebrates those who have an unwavering and unashamed love for food shows, recipes, restaurants, snacks and everything else in between. For those who get more excited about ordering dinner than who they’re eating with. Who plan their day around their meals. Who wake up in the morning visualizing what they’re going to make for dinner instead of what you’re wearing for work. This month is for you 🙂 I’m excited to showcase two women in the next week who have made food a lifestyle in the most creative ways, stay tuned!