the BE! Experience

BE! blog postHey Readers,

So I got an email from Ms. Tiffany Wright asking if I could shout out her business the BE! Experience. So I hopped on her website and absolutely loved what I found! As someone who’s on her own journey to wellness and health, I am very excited to learn about the BE! experience. Tiffany has created a business dedicated to empowerment and wellness! With a bachelor’s in sociology and psychology and a master’s in social work, Tiffany has become a dedicated wellness coach, helping people achieve their own goals and passions through mental, physical and spiritual health. The BE! Experience has several branches: The BE! Institute offers group classes on how to maintain positive thinking, a healthy self image and visualization power to reach our maximum potential.  Tiffany also offers coaching for Personal Wellness, Personal Life Enhancement and Community & Organization Enhancement.

For everyone in California, I suggest you get involved! For those who aren’t close by, check out her blog: Also follow her instagram page @the_be_life

I found Tiffany’s message truly inspiring and uplifting, I support anyone promoting positivity, self-awareness and wellness.

Feel free to email me if you’d like me to feature your business on my instagram page and the blog! 🙂

All About the Business!

Hello FYM Project Readers!

As we enter a new month (and hopefully spring), I encourage all of us to start new projects! A friend told me that the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to working is that “it’s always better to work for yourself, than for somebody else.”

When it comes to the 9 to 5 grind, I know a lot of us see it as a necessary evil. We all got bills or we will soon…But have any of you ever considered pursuing another route? Ever had an idea or a passion that’s a hobby that you’re committed to? Ever considered turning it into a business?

Now I am not saying drop your day job, that’s a very romantic notion that not all of us can afford at the moment. But instead of just settling for that one paycheck, think of starting a small business of your own on the side. A little extra pocket money never hurt anybody. Like making jewelry or art, can you do hair, do you love writing? Make an Instagram or Facebook page advertising your goods or skills. Start making customized birthday cards for your friends and family. Start doing your roommates’ hair. Can you sew? Make an Etsy page advertising your handmade goods. Love to bake? Try to cater a friend’s birthday or baby shower. You can turn nearly any skill into a profit. Start small and see how it grows, you never know! With all of the social networks out there today, there are countless venues where you can advertise and network, its all about putting yourself out there!

And even if you don’t want to commit to starting your own business, find one of your passions and pursue a career in that. If your job involves something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Therefore, March on the blog will be dedicated to celebrating and connecting young black businesswomen! I’ll be featuring two ladies who’ve started their own clothing store, a woman whose made some big moves in journalism and overall tips when it comes resume building, the job search and job interviews.

Have a business you’d like me to feature? Email me and I’ll feature you on the instagram page and write a short blurb for the blog 🙂