Interview with Raven Best, Creator of “The Free Your Mind” Project

Check out an interview I did for Flower Crown Mag! Read about my goals for the blog as well as myself 🙂

Less than a year ago, my friend Raven, a recent graduate of University of Maryland, mentioned to me that she was interested in creating a website to celebrate, inspire and connect women of color. While all women of color, I’m sure, can relate to lack of fair representation or encouragement, I immediately understood Raven’s motivation because I knew where she was coming from. We attended middle and high school together at a predominately white institution that offered little room for this type of acknowledgement. The Free Your mind project provides what we were missing back then and what many of us continue to miss even in adulthood. The site features young women of color at work; be it writing, visual arts, fashion or academics. FYM highlights girls who are working hard everyday to empower themselves and therefore other women of color.

Hollywood is no more diverse than the hallways we walked down back in…

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