Praise to the Introverts

For the longest time, I was convinced I had a low self-esteem. I wasn’t the girl that

commanded attention upon entrance into a room, I had stage fright and the thought of approaching a guy gave me butterflies. I was the quirky shy girl who’d rather have a movie night at home than be dancing at the club. I wasn’t the most outgoing, outspoken or bold, I was an introvert. And because I shied away from attention, rather be in the background than in the spotlight…I must lack confidence, right?

Because confidence meant always putting yourself out there and commanding attention, right?


Not necessarily…


After having a conversation with a friend, I realized that might not be always be the case. We assume that confidence equates being bold and extroverted, because thats what we read and see in movies and books. But confidence is defined as self-assurance. Confidence doesn’t only have to do with how we act towards others. Real confidence translates into how we treat ourselves. Appreciating ourselves, recognizing and utilizing our gifts, acknowledging what we bring to the table and not accepting anything less than what we deserve. To me, that is true self-confidence.

In our society, we prize extroverts: celebrities who adore the spotlight, politicians who know how to work a room, etc. They’re the popular kids in schools and the heroes in movies. Introverts are conditioned to envy extroverts, because who wouldn’t want to be the life of the party? But you can be understated and reserved and have as much confidence as the person who loves being the center of attention. And who’s to say that super, outgoing personality isn’t a front? You never know…

I always criticized myself, why don’t I do this?…or why can’t I be like her? I was so focused on what I wasn’t doing that I overlooked everything I brought. I was a good listener, I was the person all my friends turned to when they needed help or advice, I was the rock…and above all, I had a really strong sense of self. I just always downplayed my assets because no one could see them in a crowded room, but doesn’t make them any less valuable.

This post isn’t about bashing extroverts, its just to say that us introverts don’t have to beat ourselves up over the fact that we’re not extroverts 🙂

5 thoughts on “Praise to the Introverts

  1. Yes! This article is my life. I struggle with putting myself out there sometimes because I prefer to keep to myself. I put myself down and feel like the derby downer because most of the time I enjoy being with small group of friends and watch a movie than out at a crowded club. Especially as an aspiring actress has being more outgoing been a struggle, but as long as I have confidence in myself that’s all that matters.

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