Every Body is Different!

Every woman, regardless of her size, age or ethnicity, has dealt with body image. Positive or negative, women especially, are held to some very strict standards on how our bodies should look. Every day we are bombarded with opinions on what looks the best. Stop and think, as you go through your daily routine: your drive to work, surfing the internet, skimming a magazine in a waiting room, half-watching the commercials during your favorite show; how many images do we see of models? actors? celebrities? How many bodies do we see and how often do we think to ourselves: “I wish I had her…” or “If only I looked like…” After getting out of the shower and standing in front of the mirror, how many of us have poked at our “problem areas” or criticized some part of our body?

Trust me, I’ve been there. Body standards have been a plague upon women since, it seems, the beginning of time and body dissatisfaction is a natural result. Constantly comparing ourselves to other women and the images pushed through the media, how are we ever to be satisfied? But that’s the thing, if we are constantly looking at others, we can never truly come to appreciate the beauty that is in ourselves.

This month, the theme of the F.Y.M. Project, is Body Appreciation! Recognizing all body types and emphasizing the importance of HEALTH. The beauty of diversity is that we are not all the same! Everyone is built differently, so how can we all fit one standard? Forget what you see in magazines and music videos, stop and admire yourself. Instead of focusing on getting a body like your favorite celebrity or dropping or gaining so many pounds, focus on being healthy and the best YOU.

6 thoughts on “Every Body is Different!

  1. I know this is centered around feminine concepts of “self” but many men go through this same process and I’m glad you shed some light on this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Raven,

    Congratulations on your blog!! I love the title. Opening a forum to allow folks to “free your mind” and address issues of concern, AND by virtue become a lesson learned for others, is cathartic on so many levels. What a great opportunity!

    Fabulous theme to kick it off. You are right…regardless of where we are on the spectrum, we sometimes find ourselves wishing for a “different” me. We should make as our primary goal to be a “better” me – mentally, physically and spiritually. LESS focus on “gosh, I wish my body was as great as [NAME YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH]” and MORE focus on “I’ve improved my running distance by [NAME YOUR GOAL]” will go a long way to feeling good about who we are.

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